Paper Tube Core Making Machine For Film,Food Packaging

Toilet paper core making equipment is a machine and equipment for producing paper tubes. The produced paper tubes are used in various industries, such as tubes for chemical fiber industry, tubes for film industry, tubes for printing industry, tubes for paper industry, and tubes for leather industry. Tubes, food packaging tubes, construction industry tubes, exhibition industry tubes, etc. There are also various types of paper tube machines. The most common paper tube machine is the spiral paper tube machine and the flat roll paper tube machine.

  1. Suitable for high-strength paper tubes such as aluminum foil, steel strip, copper foil, construction industry, etc.

  2. The electrical appliance adopts the Japanese Mitsubishi brand.

  3. There is a single-knife hydraulic knife/electric saw.

  4. The main machine of the paper tube machine has a swing function, which does not need to move the glue rack and the paper rack. The operation is simple and convenient, saving labor and space, and with frequency conversion to save electricity.

  5. High processing precision, using thick materials and precise electrical appliances.

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