Kicked to the Curb

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Mary Bono Mack, a Republican from California Also, she ended up being sacked from her position. The replacement for her was the Democrat. Mac was most likely more well-known for her support for legislation known as the

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which was often called“the Mickey Mouse Act or Mickey Mouse Law. The law extended the copyright rights on material by 20 years. This is a nice way of ensuring the copyright of Mickey Mouse did not fall into the public domain. As a fervent ally to the world of film and television.

Joe Baca and, another California Democrat also lost his congressional seat in the hands of another Democrat. 

Similar to the two other Congress members, who now have to search for a new jobs and he was a defender of.

 Other supporters who have lost seats include Rep. Tim Holden, a Democrat from Pennsylvania and Representative Dan Quayle, a Republican from Arizona. Ars Technica points out that the two representatives were avid supporters of but they retracted their support following the huge online protest that the act caused.

Although this could be great news for privacy activists - and could even create some humor, Hollywood maintains a close connection with Congress. Right now they have been implementing their six strikes program in order to restrict Internet security and will, unfortunately, mean that your Internet activities are likely to be currently being monitored.

Voting is one method of eliminating dangers for Internet privacy. VPNs are different. A lot of users, all over the world and not just those in the United States - have taken up VPN services to aid in safeguarding their privacy and making sure that regardless of what sweetheart deal Hollywood makes with Congress they can rest assured that their Internet data is safe from unwanted snooping, throttled according to the protocols they use or other annoyances that are still being inflicted on users regardless of the fact as well as it’s Senate counterpart, was a crushing defeat.