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It is an important utility that assists QuickBooks users in creating multiple user access to their company. It is constantly being updated and comes completely free with every QuickBooks version. This tool allows the users to establish user names and passwords on their own. With it, you can assign users with different editing rights on the Quicken Business files. This helps ensure that your company information remains confidential and private. Effective communication and easy data sharing between team members are made possible by this tool. It also comes with a variety of other resources like the statistical reports of accounting transactions, balanced accounting, company administration tools, inventory management tool and much more to assist you in running your business effectively. The QuickBooks database server manager is a must-have for all QuickBooks users.

What QuickBooks Database Server Manager tool Does?

It can operate the following tasks for you:

Scan the QuickBooks company file which is compulsory for multi-user access. Study the local storage device to detect a new company file automatically. NOTE: The QuickBooks Desktop requires for optimum file performance on the network, you can install and set-up this tool on the computer where the company files are located. The below given image shows how QuickBooks Database server manager tool looks like:

Some Important Points

Add a User: Each QuickBooks versions will add a user when the QB Database Server Manager is installed. (For Example- QBDataServiceUser28 for 2018 and QBDataServiceUsers27 for 2017). Multiple Versions: If you are installing various versions of Database Server Manager it will grant you only numerous versions of processes, but it cannot provide multiple versions of the software. Dump that the year’s database services are running in the background when the Database Server Manager works for every year. Make sure that the functions of the Windows interface which are accessible via the Windows and the “Control Panel” than this service are labeled as QuickBooks DBXX, where the XX shows the number of versions (example- “27” is for QB Desktop 2018 and “28” for QuickBooks desktop 2019). QuickBooks Database Server Manager (QBDBMS): QBDBMS created a Network Data files and stored the company files on the host computer. If you wish to use multiple versions of QB Desktop, then you should install every version of the Database Server Manager. You may install the QB Database Server Manager in a chronological order from oldest to newest for each version when you want to use multiple versions of QuickBooks desktop.

How to set up QuickBooks database server manager?

In this section, we will talk about the steps that are required to use the tool. We will also talk about the setting up process.

First, you need to configure the firewall manually. This will allow the tool to run on the server. Open the database and hit the ‘port monitor’ tab. Click start and then on the windows firewall tab. Go to advanced settings and then inbound rule. Then click on ‘rule’ Select port and then hit next. Make sure that you select TCP and specific local ports option. Then click on next then ‘allow the connection’. Mark all the profiles and hit next. Create your rule and then hit the finish. Your QuickBooks database server manager is now set up. All the company files which are designed in the scanned folders for multi-user access they will be scanned automatically.

Guide to install QuickBooks database server manager

Undermentioned are the steps that will help you to install the tool without any hassle.

First double-click on the installer to begin with the installation of the “Wizard“. You will get an option asking your computer if they have an active internet connection. Press yes or no accordingly and hit next. Next, close all the programs that are already running on your computer and hit next. Read the terms and conditions on the following page and accept them when you are done. Click next. Now you will have to choose the “Custom or Network options“ and then the installation type. When you are done, you can either choose to be the host computer or otherwise. The options you will get are: I’ll be using QuickBooks on this computer And I’ll be storing and “I will not be using QuickBooks on this computer“. Choose accordingly and then allow access. After that, you will be asked to enter your product key and license number. Follow the next steps according to the installation process.
Your tool is now installed. For the best results, set up your QuickBooks database server manager. this will be according to your preferences and you are done.

Guide to update QuickBooks database server manager

Updating a tool is very important. If you do not update on time, there is a good chance that you may get errors. Additionally, your computer may keep crashing. If you have a QuickBooks database server manager, but you are having trouble updating it. Then follow this guide to get your desired results.

First, you need to download the patch. When you are done, all you have to do is reboot the server. Most people skip this but it is rather an important step. This will update the server on every workstation that it is installed in. after that is done, you should get a message which should say ‘Company File requires an update to work with this version of QuickBooks Desktop’. Next, you will see that the updates are modifying the database structure. Now you will get a message asking you to create a backup. Keep following what the next steps are according to the tool. Check if every user has access to your files.

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