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Gavin Williamson using 'Misleading' Research to Justify Campus Free-speech Law

A key example cited in the report, and mentioned in the Commons, is in a word, untrue

If you have good friends: you are just purely lucky.

【Doctor Who】【10/11/10】限制效应


【Doctor Who】【10/11/10】一个词或其它


Boris Johnson Misled Parliament

Boris misled Parliament and placed inaccurate information before the Court

TX-Sector Part2


They Want to Silence Criticism

Is libel law repressing truth and being used to conceal what is public knowledge and free speech?

Northern Ireland Loyalists Pull Support for Good Friday Agreement

UK loyalist paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland have reportedly told Boris Johnson that they are withdrawing support for the 1998 Belfast Agreement. Something Boris & Brexiteers said their rock solid Brexit agreements would absolutely avoid.

Tory Council Accused of Suppressing Voters

Tory-run borough asking for photo ID to register for proxy or postal votes, though this is not required by law

Tories Claim there were no National Shortages of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Julia Patterson of the campaign group EveryDoctor flatly contradicted Hancock’s claim

Installing a cloud server with full disk encryption