The difference between concrete pump and mortar sprayer

Concrete pumps and mortar sprayers have similar functions. What are the similarities and differences between these two machines?

What is a concrete pump?

The small concrete pump, also known as concrete conveying pump, is a device often used in construction projects for conveying concrete materials. It is a device that conveys concrete maps through pipes, can carry out water bottles or pour concrete vertically. Its working principle is that the motor drives the oil pump to generate pressure to drive the oil cylinder. The cylinder piston pushes the concrete into the delivery pipe. Concrete is continuously delivered to the pouring site due to the constant movement of the cylinders. The equipment can not only be used in construction projects, it can also be used in mining, metallurgy, sewage treatment, tunnel construction and other projects.

What is a mortar sprayer

The mortar sprayer is a kind of coating equipment, which mainly disperses the mortar into a mist and then sprays it on the surface of the object. The mortar sprayer can be used to spray various materials such as concrete, mortar, especially, putty. It mainly links the pipeline through materials such as screw pump and plunger pump. The material is transported to the front end of the equipment, and then the material is blown away by high-pressure gas and sprayed on the surface of the object.

Similarities and differences between the two

Mortar sprayers and concrete pumps are both transport equipment for fine stone concrete or mortar. Both are widely used in various construction sites to help save manpower and material resources. Although both are concrete conveying equipment for construction machinery, there are many differences between the two machines.


  1. The working principles of the two are different, and the ejected materials are different. Fine stone concrete transports the mixed concrete directly to the construction site. The mortar sprayer first atomizes the material and then sprays it on the surface of the object.

  2. The conveying materials of the two machines are different. The sprayer conveys more materials than the concrete pump. The spraying machine can be used to convey cement mortar, fine stone concrete, mud, fireproof materials, heat insulation materials, sound-absorbing materials, etc. The fine stone concrete pump is mainly used to transport fine stone concrete, cement mortar, foam concrete and so on.

  3. The construction scope of the two is different. The spraying machine can be used for the inner and outer walls of buildings, secondary pouring of concrete, slope protection of river banks, tunnels, gardens, etc. The fine stone concrete pump is mainly used for the conveying of various types of concrete, the conveying of greening soil, the conveying of refractory and thermal insulation materials, etc.

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