How to use the soil spraying machine to green the slope?

With the vigorous development of infrastructure, many slopes are exposed. Exposed slopes are not only unsightly, but can also be dangerous. Therefore, it is imperative to green the slope to improve the environment and soil quality of the slope. The most important equipment for greening the slope is the soil sprayer. The foreign soil seeding machine is first to mix the soil, adhesive, grass seeds and other materials for spraying evenly, and then use the soil spraying machine for slope greening.

Steps for greening slope with soil sprayer:

1. Before spraying, we need to clean the slope surface first, and smooth the gravel, pumice, dangerous rock, etc. on the slope. Unevenness will cause trouble for bolting and hanging nets.​
2. The next step is to hit the anchor rod, the main function is to fix the slope and facilitate the hanging of the net. Hanging beams with too steep slopes.
3. Hang the net. To build a drainage ditch at the top of the slope, it is best to press the net under the drainage ditch to prevent landslides and theft; the overlap between the net and the net pressure is 1-2 cm and fixed with U-shaped nails or iron wires;
4. Use a soil sprayer to spray the mixed material onto the slope. The spraying should be done as far as possible from top to bottom and left to right, avoiding overhead spraying.
5. After spraying, use non-woven fabric to cover the slope from top to bottom to facilitate moisturizing and prevent erosion.
6. After spraying, maintenance and management should be carried out regularly. The main work is water spraying and irrigation.
7. 10 to 20 days after spraying, the non-woven fabric will be uncovered after plants grow on the slope.
Features of soil sprayer:
The soil sprayer is a special equipment for seed soaking, germination and sprinkler irrigation, which is a special equipment for mixing and spraying various types of grass seeds, flowers, crop seeds, etc., with water as the carrier and diesel internal combustion engine as the power.
In addition to stirring liquids and semi-fluids, the equipment can also spray all kinds of fertilizers, so the equipment can also be used for spraying special equipment.
The soil seeding machine has small mobile and large vehicle-mounted seeding machines to meet the needs of customers with different engineering quantities.
The equipment adopts the original Changchai engine, which is well-made, easy to operate and has the characteristics of good mobility.
The machine is equipped with a fully functional operation panel, and the non-slip work platform has a detachable 1250px height with a closed guardrail to ensure the safety of the console and the gun operator and other staff.