Federating your Plume blogs and accounts to other instances

Making sure your various blogs and posts are federating to other instances that may be interested

Simply put, read the Distant interactions section of Plume's documentation. It'll be more up-to-date and more thorough than I am here though this is simpler.

Getting your posts over there

To federate your blogs from your instance to another, it's as simple as navigating to
<remote-instance.com>/~/[email protected]<local-instance.com>

To federate your whole account, it's just
<remote-instance.com>/@/[email protected]<local-instance.com>

Getting their posts over here

To federate someone else's blog posts to your instance it's exactly the reverse of the above. This is also how you view a remote profile so you can subscribe to it.

Blogs: <local-instance.com>/~/[email protected]<remote-instance.com>
Accounts: <local-instance.com>/@/[email protected]<remote-instance.com>