Run 3

Run 3 is an exciting running game. Free online game Run 3.

Run 3 is an exciting running game where you run, jump through an endless tunnel in space. Pass all challenges of hundred levels without falling into space.

Run 3 takes you to the stars. Playing as a small grey alien, Run 3 is a highly addictive endless runner/platformer. The small extraterrestrial has broken into a spaceship with questionable architecture. You break the rules and enter the forbidden. Which is rapidly becoming riddled with increasingly perilous holes. Then you immediately turn and run. Regardless, you’ll find yourself in the void if you fall through one of those holes, so tread carefully! In Run 3, you control a small alien as he or she runs endlessly through space. Run 3 is the third in the Run series, developed by Joseph Cloutier. To accommodate users without Flash, Run 3 has been ported to HTML5.

run 3