Top 5 Mistakes When Writing The Introduction Of Thesis

The introduction is that part of the thesis that is always read. Even if loyalty is shown on the defense, the introductory fragment gives a general idea of the scientific work. Therefore, it is important not to make mistakes and to carefully consider this fragment.


Mistake 1. Introduction is not related to the main part of the diploma. Oddly enough, this is a very common mistake. It is important to remember that all structural elements must form one whole, which write my papers professionals often stress. This is the so-called unified author's handwriting, logical coherence, a completed work. You cannot take incoherent fragments and try to pass them off as full-fledged work.


Mistake 2. The structure is broken. There are requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission, methodological recommendations, which clearly indicate what and in what sequence should be reflected. An introduction is not a place for creativity. You should adhere to the established scheme and not make mistakes out of the blue. The same goes for volume, although if you find help me edit my paper you will get through this easily. The introduction should not be too long, and at the same time it cannot fit on one page. Optimally - 3 sheets. A range of 2 to 5 sheets is allowed if there are objective reasons for this. Remember, the introduction follows a template.


Mistake 3. The sequence of writing is violated. Anyone who has already prepared a diploma or even just a serious term paper at least once knows the golden rule. The introduction is written after the main body has been prepared. Ordering a book report online will allow you to disregard. Only in this way will the first element of the structure become a reflection of the chapters.


Mistake 4. Insufficient study of sources. Not all theses involve a detailed study of a large amount of material. But if, for example, a historical theme is chosen, then you should give your best. Otherwise, the material can be sent for revision an uncountable number of times, until the very depth and thoughtfulness of the analysis is reached.


Mistake 5. Requirements for plagiarism are violated. You can't just take and rewrite the introduction from another successful work. Also, you cannot do a superficial rewriting and pass off the developments as your own. So, what should you do? The ideal option is to write from the head. But we understand that this is not always possible. If we are to focus on exemplary dissertations. And do not write off, do not alter, but focus on the concept, style, ideas. In other words, equalize with the best, but do it in your own way.


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