Cancer essay

Подзаголовок или резюме

There are a lot of cancer essay in our writing community these days, increasing and accelerating, thanks to the power of internet and information technology. Sadly, most of them were freely written, without valid references, or no reference at all. A valid reference should be derived from professional sources such as journals, articles, and books, written by the experts in the field. Again with the advanced technology available nowadays, these sources are readily easy-to-access, plus the willingness of scientific community to share it freely with the community. Why writing correctly on cancer essay is so important? One reason is to avoid people from taking cancer as lightly as other diseases, not to mention that other diseases are not bad. Essay by capstone project writing service is one of most effective method to influence people and writing the wrong fact will lead to many unwanted consequences. For instance, stating cancer as something that always present in our body or occur almost anytime in our daily life could lead people to take it as easy as having flu. Even having flu would be interpreted into many possibilities of other diseases by expert especially medical practitioners. 

The word cancer itself has definite meaning, not to mention other words related such as tumor, benign, malignant and so on. The claimed ‘cancer always happen in our body’ is so not true, as the right term should be used is ‘events that lead to cells damage are always happen in our body’. This ‘cells damage’ can be due to many reasons and the occurrence of cancer is the final result of body’s failure to restore or settle it through normal way. Thus, having cancer is not as easy as getting flu. There are many events and factors that lead to it. Improper understanding of this can cause people to take it as uncontrollable disease, which could lead them to neglect the precaution actions to prevent it from happens. At the end of the day, people would just leave it to the fate, while it actually can be avoided. As for those with interest to medicine, but do not have a chance to be in the setting always prone to perform self-treatment, which could lead to other unnecessary problems. So, how should we deal with this? The most basic solution has to be understanding the root of science itself, of course the one that related to cancer disease. 

Learning science is for everyone and there are thousands or even millions sources as well as essay examples out there that could help. Again, the sources should be real and trusted or else there would be no use of repeating others mistake in knowing cancer. Cancer or other science subjects could be interesting essay topics, while to some extent it could lead to controversial essay topics. Whatever kind of topic it would lead to, stating the truth about it is crucial as it may cause many unexpected consequences. Even for college or job entrance, writing cancer essay should practice this, as the examiners would be people that really understand the importance of this, and of course the topic you are writing about.