Eligibility for UK Unmarried Partner Visa & UK Spouse Visa

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What is a UK Unmarried Partner Visa?

There are many visa types for a civil partner of a UK citizen. These visas entitle the person to enter the UK and settle there permanently. The most common of these is the Marriage Visa (for married couples), the Settled Status application, and the Unmarried Partner Visa.



uk unmarried partner visa

 is for those who cannot obtain any other visa type, have not been living together with their partner in another country, and don’t qualify for immigration as a spouse or civil partner. With the help of this visa, people can live with their partners in the UK without getting married.


Eligibility for UK Unmarried Partner Visa

There are 3 types of Unmarried Partner Visas: Partner of a British Citizen, Long Residence and Prospective Marriage. An unmarried or civil partner can apply for a UK Unmarried Partner Visa if they:


Are not married to anyone else

Have lived with the person in the UK for at least 12 months

Are from a country outside the European Economic Area (EEA)

Does not have any criminal background


UK Spouse Visa Application


UK spouse visa application

 is a visa for the spouse of a British or settled person to come and live in the UK. This route is designed for couples where one partner is either in the UK, has indefinite leave to remain, or has been granted indefinite leave to remain outside of the UK. The application process usually takes at least four months.

UK Spouse Visa Application requirements for marriage in the UK

The UK spouse visa application is to be submitted at a British Embassy or Consulate abroad by the sponsor in order to bring a foreign spouse to live permanently in the UK.


The sponsor has to meet certain criteria, such as earning a minimum level of income, being free of immigration time restrictions and not having any disqualifying criminal convictions.


In addition, applicants for spouse visas from outside the European Union (EU) need to show that they possess an adequate level of savings or access to a fun hatch would allow them and their dependents without recourse to public funds because they are not working. These should be enough to cover their needs while they wait for any settlement grant and must be maintained throughout any period of application.



In conclusion, you should apply for a UK visa to work on your English skills. Having a UK VISA could allow you to work in the country for an indefinite period and it will be easier to get permanent residence.