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Boasts an impressive system, which it offers for only. Unlimited VPN bandwidth is provided for users at this service level, making for one of the most competitive packages on the market. More details here

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. It also allows several different devices to be used for browsing, including mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Android phones.  are all supported on the  network, providing plenty of flexibility for users who want to use both different protocols and different devices in complete anonymity and security.

If you’re unfamiliar with  services, they represent solutions to quite a few of the most pervasive problems on the Internet, particularly those that have to do with identity theft, with the intercepting of information when it is sent between different servers and with protecting your anonymity from people who may want to hack your computer directly. It is also an excellent service for people who live in nations where access to the Internet is restricted, as the encryption provides a way to get around most national firewalls safely.

 has over 2,500 different IP addresses that can be assigned to your computer. These IP addresses are assigned in substitute for your own IP address, which makes it virtually impossible for people to track your activity when you are visiting websites. In addition to this, encryption ensures that the traffic between you and websites is hidden from view. Anybody who tries to intercept that traffic will get nothing more than encoded information that they cannot read without the appropriate encryption key.

VPN services can be used for a variety of different purposes. The most common is simply to provide anonymity when surfing. While illegal downloading is always a mistake, some  do engage in a practice called traffic shaping, wherein they limit the amount of bandwidth allocated for protocols such as bit torrent. VPN services, because they encrypt traffic, provide a way for people to get around this bandwidth limiting so that they can use this useful protocol for legitimate purposes.

This is just one of the many uses that VPN services have for everyday consumers. Has thrown its hat into the ring with a strong offering that should engage the interest of anybody interested in a good VPN.