Write 1000 Words swiftly just like that – In a Snap!

like that – In a Snap!

A thousand claims can come from the crowd that they’re natural writers. They exclaim to be authors of incomplete words, yet not many of them do have them in their closets. Well, it’s great news when you find so many playwrights to aid you in the writing process. But not so early with the excitement! – you announce the vacancy for a sidekick writer to inscribe 1000 words in an hour or so. Now, listen to the pin-drop-silence. Only the birds, if it’s daytime, and crickets, if it’s dark, will show enthusiasm and answer your call. But you don’t want your work to take 100 years to complete. “Hey presto!” Did you see what we did before our eyes wink or a twig snap into two – we already did it!

The above captions comprise roughly 125 words; to your surprise, it was like reading. Yes, you read what we said. Scribbling those words was as easy as putting a cake knife in a butter – double magic. It’s how it should work. The gentle blade is your writing, while the butter is your brain. Please, don’t get us wrong! Here we actually mean that your thoughts and ideas come naturally to you.

Trust us on this when we say it! And rightly so, it is the only practical technique that aids you in cruising 10 x 100 words. Otherwise, you can buy ghostwriting services online. But it’s not good to be in disbelief of one’s true potential. Even worse when you want a writing buddy to do it for you.

Therefore, think like an artist who draws abstract art – let’s flow their imaginations with paint brushes. Many will now envisage Mona Lisa, The Starry Night, Whistler’s Mother, and “God knows” how many other masterpieces. For us, it’s the finest works of artists, but it was like a regular chore for them. We hope you’re getting the point here!

Enough with the talking, but if you apply it in writing, words will come to you like bombardments of anxieties and life tensions. And that’s what is our first caption – talking with your words and uttering emotions through them. Here we go:

Have a Word-to-Word Conversation

The first thing you can do is write words but let them speak. Let them evolve as you skid through your writings guilelessly. You can write a few sentences and what for a scenario to manifest. One’s scene becomes apparent. Ask yourself a question in a curious manner. Next, try to give its answer like a layperson trying to solve a complex math problem. Keep things easy for yourself and the readers. Eventually, you will master the concept of speedy “immaculate” scrawling.

Connect the ‘Ideas’ dots

We’ve all heard the phrase: connecting the dots. Remarkably, law enforcement agents join forces with dauntless spies in crime thrillers and suspense movies. It’s the latter guy or lady in a trench coat and eagle-eyed vision nitpicking every speck of dust and drop for a clue analysis.

The next step is more exhilarating as they try to connect pieces of evidence just like a granny’s hand-knitted sweater. Likewise, if you try to connect your ideas and concepts, it will untangle the reader’s imagination power. It’s quite a thing to witness: one woman knitting threads out of the ball as you try to do vice versa for the readers.

Pour out your Feelings

Write whatever you wish to write unless it’s something assigned to you by your managers. One thing you’re missing out in writing is excitement. You’re a writer, goodness me, not someone Captain Hook’s trying to push from the ship off the trembling springboard.

Listen up! – if you don’t write expressively and feel reluctant about it. You’re not a writer but a wannabe who’s trying to act as Stephen Rowling. Therefore, trust yourself, your passion, and your state of mind. Add your feelings to the wordsmith material and see the magic.

Write Adventurously

People presume writers as fusspots who wander in libraries and hide in their like cowards. Please think again and broaden your horizons if you believe such. After all, the writings paved the way for blockbuster movies of all genres.

To give wings to hopes, even Almighty God revealed His Divine Message to the Prophets through words. How more heroic could it get? – The Creator Himself sends His Words. We hope now you feel more adventurous as a writer than a tourist boasting about world tours.

Hit the Screenplay with High Notches

A writer is no less than a composer who assembles OSTs (Original Sound Tracks) for films. Do you know even what’s crazier – and awe-inspiring? – The ensemble cast quotes and conversations produce electrifying catalysts with the movie’s background beats and music. No matter how great the movie music is, they’re like unheard breezes if there are no words to carry them.

Scribble down your Topic artlessly

As far as a blog, a guest post, or an article is concerned, we do healthy web research. Please read about the subject matter online and gather information. You can also navigate through Google’s image section for some visual treats and data interpretations. Ensure you don’t stress too much on the topic, assuming it’s difficult – and unachievable in 60 minutes. If you think such, it means you’ve already lost your writer’s momentum.

See Words like Instruments

Here’s another cool trick to acclimatize with your writing spirits. Use words like tools to create the perfect word-based work. Mind that if you imagine words like instruments, you can play with them. It means there’s all the fun in the world when it comes to writing. Plus, using specific words and phrases triggers novel ideas and unique concepts in your mind.

Talk to the reader through your Writings

As simple as it sounds, write not for reading but to have a direct conversation with people who will buy your book. Besides, putting a conversational format in writing helps you develop sentences and passages effortlessly. In the end, you see a full-fledged story burgeon out of nowhere – just like that!


Talking the narrative expressway is one of the best ways to catapult 1000+ words expressively. All you require is a plot or a make-believe scenario to do it. You can refer to our earlier two or three paragraphs below the topic’s title to understand what we mean.

You can also Google the best narrators in the world to know more about our captions. Besides, storytelling is a trending writing flair these days on the internet. We’re 100% sure you’ve heard the term ‘Storytelling’ even if you’re not a distant relative of a writer(s).

Crack relatable Jokes

There’s nothing wrong with having a giggle with readers with lighthearted gags. Sometimes it’s good to speckle puns to keep the readers’ eyes and interest wide awake. Besides, witticism’ strengthens one’s writing capacity and is thought to be a remarkable distinctive trait of born writers.


So, there you have it! – how to churn a thousand words without breaking the pen or your fingers’ fragile bones. But in the end, it’s how much you practice and believe in your writer instincts. We recommend you read each caption carefully. We believe you will succeed in becoming a surefire writer with trailblazing writing speeds. Let’s do this!